Other groups
The Rolling Stones. High Rollers(2CD)
The Rolling Stones. The Second November Ninth(2CD)
The Rolling Stones. Oakland 1st & 2nd Day(4CD)
The Rolling Stones. Oakland 3rd & 4th Day(4CD)
Kiss. Boxx (Vol. 4)
Roxy Music. Live Vol. 1
Queen. We Will Rock You (Vol. 4)
Bruce Springsteen. Born Again (Vol. 2)
Bruce Springsteen. LIVE VOL.2
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Greatest Hits Live
Whitney Houston. I Will Always Love You
Eric Clapton. Live Vol. 1
Pink Floyd. Live in Muengersdorfer Stadium, Cologne, Germany, 8 February 1994 (2CD)
Pink Floyd. Brain Damage
Pink Floyd. In Concert
Pink Floyd. Live In New York(2CD)
Pink Floyd. Interstellar Highlights(2CD)
Pink Floyd. More Blues(2CD)
Roger Waters. Live In Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile, 5th March 2002(2CD)
Pink Floyd. Tonite Let's All Make Love In London
Pink Floyd. Echoes
Supertramp. Dreamer
The Beatles. Hollywood Bowl (2CD)
The Beatles. Unsurpassed Masters Volume 2
The Beatles. Unsurpassed Masters Volume 5
George Harrison. Pirate Songs
Paul Mccartney. Twin Freaks
Paul Mccartney. Live In Palace Square, St. Petersburg, Russia Sunday, June 20, 2004 (2CD)
Paul Mccartney. Live In Palau San Jordi, Barselona, March 28th, 2003 (2CD)
Paul Mccartney. Arizona S'checks 1990 + Cactus Club 1986 (2CD)
John Lennon. Christmas Present
John Lennon. Imagine... All The Outtakes (2CD)
John Lennon. Imagine... All The Outtakes CD3