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Led Zeppelin
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Title Label Date
Another White Summer Big Music1969.07.27
Last Stand Vol 3 House Music1980.06.29
Live Volume 2 Joker1970.03.21
Live Volume 4 Joker1980.06.29
The Complete Bbc Radio Sessions(4CD) Empress ValleyCompilation
Trampled Underfoot (2CD) The Swinging Pig1975.05.04
Studio Haze Vol 1 (2CD) Laughing SkullOuttakes
Studio Gems Vol 1 KobraOuttakes
Studio Gems Vol 2 KobraOuttakes
Studio Gems Vol 3 (2CD) KobraOuttakes
The Maximum Destroyer(3CD+2DVD-A) Empress Valley1977.02.27
Earl's Court 75 Great Dane Records1975.05.24
Minnesota Blues Azia Records1969.06.27
Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970 (2CD) Azia Records1970.01.09
Madison Square Garden 1973 EarlCount 1975 .... (2CD) Azia RecordsCompilation
Plays Pure Blues Azia Records1969.08.31
Minnesota Blues Vol.I(CD+DVD) Azia Records1969.06.27
Minnesota Blues Vol.II(2CD+DVD) Azia RecordsOuttakes
Kingdome Seatle Washington July 1977[Pro Shot](2DVD) no label1977.07.17
The Complete Earl's Court(CD+2DVD) no label1975.05.24
Confusion(2CD) LZ1977.07.23
Live At Phoenix 1970(2CD) Power Archives1970.04.18
Three Days After(6CD) Empress Valley1973.06.03
July, 3 Mannheim 1980(2CD) Flagge1980.07.03
Tour De Force L.A. 1975(3CD) Rabbit Records1975.03.27
The Legendary End(3CD) Silver Rarities1977.06.27
Pb+ Wild Cart1969.01.11
Texas, Two Steps(2CD) TDOLZ1970.03.28
Amsterdam 1972(2CD) MMachine1972.05.27
Copenhagen Warm-ups(4CD) Last Stand Disk1979.07.23
Physical Graffiti Alternative Trax! TaranturaOuttakes
The Drag Queen(3CD) Tarantura1973.05.14
Texas International Pop Festival Definitive Edition(4CD) TCOLS1969.08.31
The Bristol Stomp(2CD) no label1970.01.08
Devils Banquet(4CD) Power Chord1975.05.17
Hampton 1971(2CD) Cannonball1971.09.09
Cut In The 70's TDOLZ 1973.07.18
#6 Travelin' Mama Azia Records1971.04.01
#7 Sessions Vol. I Azia RecordsOuttakes
#8 Sessions Vol. II Azia RecordsOuttakes
#15 Voodoo Time VOLUME 1 Azia Records1980.06.30
Copenhagen Night Re-Lived(2CD) Black Swan1979.07.24
Smokestack Lightning(2CD) Black Swan1969.04.26
Melancholy Danish Pageboys (Part 1) Silver Rarities1979.07.23
Melancholy Danish Pageboys (Part 2) Silver Rarities1979.07.23
Tulsa Hillbilly(2CD) Tarantura1970.08.21
The Jumpleg(3CD) Tarantura1975.02.12
Hannover(2CD) Tarantura1980.06.24
Bath 1970(2CD) Le-Mon Recording Co.1970.06.28
Strange Tales From the Road(8CD) no labelCompilation
Blitzkrieg Over Europe(3CD) TaranturaCompilation
Stairway to Heaven Sessions(2CD) Live StormOuttakes
Bizzarre TaranturaCompilation
The Destroyer Gold(3CD) Tarantura1977.04.27
Arabesque & Baroque(3CD) Antrabata1975.05.17
BBC 1969 BBC Transcription Service1969.06.27
Live On Blueberry Hill(2CD) Cobla1970.09.04
Tampa Stadium(2CD) Tarantura1973.05.05
Fly Over Nuremberg TDOLZCompilation
Maple Leaf(2CD) Babyface1971.09.04
Teddy Bear's Picnic GEMA1971.11.11
Symphony In A Thousand Parts(3CD) TDOLZ1975.03.10
Heavy Metal Hullabaloo(3CD) TDOLZ1975.02.03
Stuck on You(2CD) TDOLZ1972.12.04
Vive La France(2CD) TDOLZ1973.04.01
Second Night in the Garden(3CD) TDOLZ1977.06.08
Bradford UK 1973(2CD) TDOLZ1973.01.18
Acoustically(2CD) TDOLZ1973.01.18
Odysseus (4CD) Celebration1975.05.24
Zep Vs Boston (2CD) Image Quality1973.06.20
Reflections On My Mind (2CD) Image Quality1969.02.14
The Definitive Kingdom (2CD) Whole Lotta Live1971.08.22
The 2nd European Tour (2CD) Whole Lotta Live1971.05.03
Red Snapper Deluxe (2CD) Balboa1972.06.07
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (3CD) Mad Dogs1971.09.29
Bron-y-Aur Stomp (3CD) BGS1975.05.24
Sometime In New York City (3CD) Image Quality1972.06.14
Sundazed (3CD) Silver Rarities1977.06.26
The 9th US Tour (3CD) Whole Lotta Live1973.07.28
The 10th US Tour (3CD) Whole Lotta Live1975.02.12
Long Beach Arena Complete (3CD) Confusion1975.03.11
You Gotta Be Cool (2CD) Whole Lotta Live1970.08.21
Pleeease (3CD) Silver Rarities1975.03.20
The Vibes are Real (2CD) Continental Sounds1973.06.02
Ottawa Sunshine House of Elrond1970.04.14
Young Hurricane Ocean Sound StudioCompilation
Twist no label1969.07.21
Long Beach 1975 (3CD)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Flying Disc Music1975.03.11
Fillmore West '69 Scorpio1969.01.10
Hideaway (2CD) Nienerwald1969.08.18
Forthcoming (4CD) Image Quality1975.05.24
Rocky Mountain Hop (3CD) Godfatherecords1975.03.19
Rock Saint Louie Roll (3CD) Godfatherecords1975.02.16
Light and Shade (3CD) TDOLZ1971.09.24
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Kiss The StoneCompilation
Spare Parts 1980 POTCompilation
Down Under Daze (2CD) Image Quality1972.02.20
Persistence (3CD) Cobra1973.06.02
Canadian Return (3CD) Scorpio1975.03.20
Brutal Artistry (3CD) ScorpioOuttakes
4th Of August (3CD) Scorpio1979.08.04
11th Of August (3CD) Scorpio1979.08.11
One More For The Road (2CD) Boogie Mama1970.09.19
Dinosaurs Rule (2CD) Home(r) Entertainment1980.06.17
Days Confused (3CD) Scorpio1975.03.05
Mystic San Diego (3CD) Scorpio1975.03.14
20 Years Train Kept a Rollin' (2CD)
Volume One
Volume Two
Living Legend1969.04.27
A Quick Get Away (2CD) TDOLZ1975.01.29
A Stroke In Stoke (2CD) no label1973.01.15
Ballroom Blitz WPOCM1969.10.12
Baltimore 1972 (3CD) Immigrant1972.06.11
Blow Up (2CD) Immigrant1969.11.06
Blueberry Hill (2CD)
Bonzo's Birthday Party (3CD) Cobla1973.05.31
Bonzo's Birthday Presents Celebration1973.05.31
Born To Be Wild (2CD) Whole Lotta Live1972.06.22
Broken Fingers (2CD) Image Quality1973.01.15
Canada Dry Tarantura1973.06.18
Coded - Trance remixes ChelseaCompilation
Complete Dancing Days (2CD) Four Symbols1972.10.02
Conquering California Dinopower Records1969.04.24
Dancing Days (2CD) Silver Shadow1972.10.02
Destroyer (2CD) Swinging Pig1977.04.27
Destroyer. The Complete Show (2CD) Swinging Pig1977.04.27
Dixie (3CD) Antrabata1977.05.18
Earl's Court '75 (3CD) Mud Dogs1975.05.25
Electric Magic Over Dallas Dinopower Records1969.08.31
Elvis Presley Has Left the Building EuropeCompilation
Fearsome Four Live On Stage (2CD) Mandala Records1970.04.08
Feel All Right (2CD) Cobla1970.03.07
Frame by Frame American Concert SeriesCompilation
From Boleskine to the Alamo Flying Disc1973.01.27
From London to Dallas (2CD) Seagull1975.03.04
Graf-Zep-Marsch (3CD) Tarantura1975.05.24
Hammer Of The Gods (2CD) AtlantisCompilation
Hampton '71 (2CD) Theramin1971.09.09
Hard Company (2CD) no label1971.09.03
Holiday In Waikiki Scorpio1970.09.06
Houses of the Holy(The revised versions no labelOuttakes
I Can't Get No Satisfaction (3CD) TDOLZ1973.03.06
It's Time to Travel Again (2CD) TDOLZ1975.01.12
Jimmy's Birthday Party (2CD) Tarantura1970.01.09
Johnny Piston & The Dogs (2CD) Thin Man1973.05.14
Join the Blimp(4CD) Tarantura1975.05.17
Kingdom of Zep (3CD) Silver Rarities1977.07.17
Live in Adelaide 1972 (2CD) Equinox1972.02.19
Live in Brisbane 1972 (2CD) Equinox1972.02.29
Live In Dallas (3CD) TDOLZ1975.03.05
Live in Nagoya (Sweet Sushi Roll) (2CD) Smile Records1972.10.05
Live On The Levee (2CD) Silver Rarities1975.91.20
LZ Rhoder (2CD) Thin Man1973.07.21
Madison Square Graffiti (3CD) Red Devil1975.02.12
Majestic Holies (2CD) Immigrant1973.03.19
Merry Christmas Mr Jimmy (2CD) Lemon Song1972.12.23
Mess of Blues Living Legend1969.06.27
More Than Something Else AulicaCompilation
Nice Starter (2CD) The Symbols1972.11.30
Out Through The Back Door Exile1978.11.21
Over The Twelve Foot End (2CD) no name1971.11.16
Pape Satan Wild Bird1969.10.12
Philadelphia Special (2CD) no name1975.02.08
Plays Pure Bob Tarantura1969.08.31
Psychical Graffiti Ghost/Flying Disc1975.03.27
Quantient (2CD) Cobra1973.05.05
Jennings Farm Blues Scorpio1971.09.04
Seattle Supersonic (2CD) no name1975.03.21
Seattle Won't You Listen (3CD) TDOLZ1975.03.17
Seventh Heaven (2CD) Immigrant1977.07.24
Historical Birthday Shout to the Top1970.01.09
Silently Ravaging America (2CD) Whole Lotta Live1972.06.25
Something Else Archive ProductionsCompilation
Standing in the Shadow (3CD) TDOLZ1975.03.12
Running on Pure Heart & Soul (3CD) TDOLZ1977.05.30
Tangible Vandalism UkinelOuttakes
The Butterqueen (3CD) UnbelievableCompilation
The Complete 1972 Bombay Sessions TecumsehOuttakes
The Complete Geisha Tape (3CD) Tarantura1971.09.29
The Cover Versions Fancy PantryCompilation
The Complete Tapes 1968-69 (3CD)
Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
The Destroyer III (3CD) Tarantura1977.05.30
The End of '69 (2CD) Whole Lotta Live1969.11.06
The Image Club (2CD) Rag Doll Music1969.02.14
The Destroyers (6CD) Tarantura1977.04.27
The Out of Song Remains (2CD) Holy1973.07.27
Butterqueen (2CD)
The Revenge of the Butter Queen
The Sex Machine & the Butterqueen
Ghost Records1975.03.25
The Safecracker's Show Midas Touch1973.07.27
Thunder Rock (2CD) Great Dane1973.05.18
Footstomping Graffiti (2CD) no label1975.01.29
Two Days Before (2CD) Silver Rarities1970.09.02
Ultimate Mudslide * Pb House of Elrond1970.03.21
V 1/2 (2CD)
Vol. 1
Vol. 2
Dynamite Studio1973.07.17
V 1/2 (3CD) Cobla1973.07.17
We're Gonna Rock (2CD) Blimp1970.04.08
Whole Lotta Landover (3CD) Immigrant1977.05.26
Whole Lotta Love Tarantura1969.05.25
IV 1/2+ (3CD) Last Stand Disk1973.05.13
BBC (2CD) Antrabata1971.04.01
On The Rhode Again(2CD) Image Quality1973.03.21
Southampton 1973 (2CD) Swinging Pig1973.01.22
Electric Magic Show - The Definitive Edition (2CD) Electric Magic1971.11.20
Taking No Prisoners Tonight (3CD) Badgeholders1975.03.12
A Quiet Before The Storm (5CD) TCOLZ1977.07.23
Snow Jobs (3CD) Empress Valley1975.03.15
Florida Sunshine (2CD) Empress Valley1971.08.31
St. Valentine's Day Massacre (3CD) Empress Valley1975.02.14
Destroyer (3CD) Eelgrass1977.04.27
Zoso's Back to Rock 'n Roll (2CD) Oh BoyCompilation
MSG (3CD) Cannonball1973.07.23
Round + Round Ghost Records1973.07.06
London Broadcast World Productions1969.06.27
Buffalo Sixtynine New Plastic Records1969.10.30
Fillmore West - January & April 1969(3CD) Aulica De Luxe1969.04.24
Melancholy Danish Pageboys Get It On(2CD) Cobra1979.07.23
Berdu(2CD) Cobra1972.06.22
Deep Throat(9CD) Empress Valley1975.03.24
Black Dragon With Blue Axe(6CD) Empress Valley1975.05.18
Uncensored(5CD) Red PhantomCompilation
Nice Opening Night(3CD) Image Quality1975.05.17
Long Island Line(2CD) Image Quality1972.06.15
Trampled Underwood (3CD) Bassline Productions1975.02.13
Dedicated To Rizzlers(2CD) Equinox1973.01.15
Goin' Mobile(2CD) Freedom Records1973.05.13
Live In Fort Worth 1973 (2CD)
A Worthwhile Experience
From Boleskine to the Alamo
Flying Disc1973.05.19
Year Of The Dragon (4CD) Empress Valley1977.07.17
Don't Mess With Texas Oh Boy1969.08.31
Dancing Again (3CD) Empress Valley1972.06.19
929 (3CD) H-bomb1971.09.29
A Young Persons Guide To Led Zeppelin (4CD) Empress Valley1975.05.25
Paris Par Excellence Empress Valley1969.10.10
Live at Southampton University - Working Tapes (2CD) Empress Valley1973.01.22
The Last (2CD) Immigrant, Japan1980.07.07
Live in Rotterdam The Swingin' Pig1980.06.21
Studio Daze Scorpio, USAOuttakes
The Last LA Forum 6/25/77 (2CD) The Live Experience1977.06.25
Whiskey & Tea Party (2CD) Ocean Recording1969.01.26
Earl's Court 1975 (2CD) Tecumseh1975.05.24
Californian Mystery Train (3CD) Silver Rarities1977.07.19
Bonzo's Birthday Party (3CD) Sanctuary1973.05.31
The Powhatan Confederacy (3CD) Empress Valley1977.05.28
The Dinosaur In Motion (4CD) Empress Valley1975.03.21
Gatecrush Riot (2CD) Electric Magic1977.04.19
A Wild Riot in Tampa Brigand Records1977.06.03
Babushka Lady (3CD) Wendy1975.03.05
Good Evening Seatle (4CD) Magnificient Disc1975.03.21
Days of Heaven (2CD) Bassline Production1973.01.14
Detroit (2CD) Cobra Standard Series1975.01.31
One More Daze Dynamite Studio, USA1971.09.09
Latest Summer Jelly Roll, Japan1970.08.31
The Bringer Of War (2CD) Empress Valley1971.05.03
Blues Explosion (2CD) Empress Valley1969.12.06
The Rockpile Tapes (3CD) Badgeholders1969.02.02
Live At Leeds 1971 1971.09.11
Dinosaurs Rule (2CD)
Part 1
Part 2
Flying Disc1980.06.17
Bottle Up and Go (2CD) Scorpio1970.08.21
Walk Don't Run (LA 2 days) (4CD) Tarantura1971.08.21
Live In Japan 1971 (3CD) Empress Valley1971.09.29
The Lost Mixes Ep, Vol.1 Empress ValleyOuttakes
Crossroads From New Orlean (3CD) Scorpio1973.05.14
Earls Court (3CD) SIRA1975.05.24
Long Beach Arena 1975 (2CD) Bad Girl Songs1975.03.11
Second City Showdown (3CD) Starborne Records1973.07.06
San Francisco 27/04/69 (2CD)
Nutty and Cool (3CD) baby face1972.06.11
St Louis Blues (3CD) Eelgrass1975.02.16
Detroit Hard Rock City (3CD) Wendy1973.07.12
Tightest and Loosest (3CD) TDOLZ1977.05.28
LA Forum 1975 2nd Night (3CD) no label1975.03.25
Badgeholders Weekend (3CD) Badgeholders1977.06.25
Pb (3CD) Graf Zeppelin1970.03.21
Denmark '69 Deep Records1969.03.15
Blue Flame (2CD) Bumble Bee1969.04.27
A Sudden Attack, Boston (Revised Edition) (2CD) Great Lodge Of Trademark1969.01.23
FortWorth Express (2CD) Empress Valley1973.05.19
Eternal Magic (3CD) Empress Valley1980.07.07
Going To California (4CD) Going To California1971.09.13
Olympic Gold Red Robin RecordsOuttakes
Royal Albert Hall Monada1970.01.09
Time Traveller (4CD) TDOLZ1977.06.22
Listen to This Eddie (3CD) TDOLZ1977.06.21
The Last Night In Japan (2CD) TDOLZ1972.10.10
Running Bear (2CD) Gold Standard1972.05.27
Dazed & Confused (2CD) Gold Standard1975.03.24
Dazed And Confused (2CD) Chapter One1973.07.06
Arabesque & Baroque The 4th Night (4CD) Antrabata1975.05.24
Afternoon Daze (3CD) Mud Dogs1971.09.24
The Lost Sessions, Vol.9 Empress ValleyOuttakes
Listen to This Eddie (3CD) Graf Zeppelin1977.06.21
Live from England 1972 (3CD) Graf Zeppelin1972.12.16
Tune Up (2CD) Immigrant1975.01.31
First Day (2CD) ARMS1973.05.05
Dinosaurs in the Park (3CD) TDOLZ1979.08.11
Outrageous Live (2CD) Zoso's Company1973.07.06
Live In Japan 1971 (Love and Peace) (3CD) Empress Valley1971.09.27
Stairway to Heaven Living Legend1971.04.01
The Fillmore (2CD)
Zeppelin Express
Zeppelin Ediface
Heartbreakers Back In Town (2CD)
TNT Studio1975.02.12
Burn That Candle (3CD) Equinox1972.06.25
Sessions (2CD) TDOLZOuttakes
Absolutely Gems (3CD) Sanctuary1969.02.02
It's Been a Long Time (4CD) Graf Zeppelin1971.09.03
For Badgeholders Only (6CD) Graf Zeppelin1977.06.23
Destroyer (2CD) Archive Production1977.04.27
Prisoners Of Rock And Roll - First Night (2CD) TDOLZ1975.03.19
Prisoners Of Rock And Roll - Second Night (3CD) TDOLZ1975.03.20
Hang On To Your Heads (3CD) TDOLZ1975.02.28
Cold Sweat (3CD) Moonchild Records1973.03.22
For Badgeholders Only (3CD) Moonchild Records1977.06.23
Red Devil (4CD) TDOLZ 1975.05.18
Knebworth (3CD)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Flying Disc1979.08.04
Afterburner (3CD) Cashmere1973.07.17